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For many applications supercritical fluid extraction has several advantages compared to conventional processes. Botanical ingredients sensitive to high temperatures can be extracted smoothly and selectively. There are no solvent residues in the extract or the raw material. Fragrances and aromas remain unchanged. Pure extracts are obtained with less process steps.


Food industry

By gentle production of extracts for the food industry aromas are reflected lifelike. CO2 extracts contain no residues from solvents and are easy to process. CO2 replaces organic solvents which can be harmful.

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Pharmaceutical industry

CO2 extracts are biological high active as well as without any residue. This is the reason they are indispensable in development of pharmaceutical products.

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Cosmetic industry

Extracts from natural substances are widely used as bioactive care components in cosmetic products. Essential oils, gained by CO2 extraction technology, give special flavor to parfums.

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Other applications

New applications need development of new processes. Together with our customers and in the course of indoor research as well as international research projects we are developing process and application-oriented new solutions.

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