Go for nature,
go with CO2 extraction.

CO2 Technology

The high pressure extraction process is based on the principle that gases in a fluid state (above the critical pressure and the critical temperature) are able to dissolve larger quantities of natural substances than the partial pressure of the substance in the solvent would normally permit.

For many applications supercritical fluid extraction has several advantages compared to conventional processes. Botanical ingredients sensitive to high temperatures can be extracted smoothly and selectively. There are no solvent residues in the extract or the raw material. Fragrances and aromas remain unchanged. Pure extracts are achieved with fewer process steps.

The extraction agent CO2 is recycled and does not cause any environmental problems.

The food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries are the main users of ingredients extracted with supercritical CO2, but new applications and new processes are developed and realized continuously like thin film extraction, particle formation, impregnation, cleaning of metallic party, dyeing and cleaning of textiles, removal of undesired substances, chemical reactions and crystallization.


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