Oil extraction plant

  • Special equipment design for edible oil production was implemented in this plant in Korea
  • With an extractor volume of  2 x 3,8 m³ and designed for a pressure of 550 bar, the plant is worldwide one of the biggest plants of this kind
  • It is an example of large-scale supercritical fluid extraction for products with a limited margin for production costs

Advantages edible oil extraction

  • Supercritical fluid (CO2) extraction proved to be a superior alternative to the traditional methods for sesame oil processing
  • Much higher levels of antioxidants like sesamol and tocopherol as well as of bioactive compounds like phytosterols and selenium could be achieved
  • Enriched flavour results in a better taste
  • The germicidal properties of supercritical CO2 further enhance the quality of the oil
  • An exploitable by-product of the process is the deoiled sesame powder
Oil extraction plant


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