Pharmaceutical industry

CO2 extracts are biologically high active as well as without any residue. This is the reason they are indispensable in development of pharmaceutical products.

Industrial applications and developments

  • Extraction of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from natural raw materials and medicinal plants
  • Cleaning, purification or fractionation of intermediate products
  • Removal of organic solvents, monomers, oligomers and other residues from medical products and tools
  • Formation, encapsulation and impregnation of microparticles

Pharmaceutical applications require the highest degree of repeatable processing, cleaning, safety and traceability. NATEX plants fulfill the customer specific requirements in accordance with regulatory organizations such as: European Medicines Agency (EMA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Medicines and Health-care products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and others. 

World-leading partner

NATEX's position as an established supplier for the pharmaceutical industry is manifested continuously through raising the bar for cGMP in high-pressure applications. To fulfill the special requirements and validated cleaning possibilities, we have been developing unique, hygienic solutions for each part of the plant. 

GAMP5/21 CFR part 11 ready

Our commitment to meeting all pharmaceutical customer requirements is naturally leading us to follow the holistic quality approach of GAMP5 and the use of appropriate control systems (GAMP5/21 CFR part 11 ready).